Most Worshipful  Grand Master
The Honorable Timothy R. Seay, Sr.

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AZ Prince Hall Masonic Organization

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Programs, Events, and Activities of the MW Prince Hall Grand Lodge of Arizona

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Programs, Events, and Activities of the PH Subordinate Masonic Lodges of Arizona

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Eastern Star

Programs, Events, and Activities of the Order of the Eastern Stars of Arizona

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Prince Hall Foundation of AZ

Charitable arm of the Arizona Prince Hall Masonic Family that serves the Arizona community

Our AZ Community

African American Population

1 %

AA/Black Americans

1 %

Family Poverty Rate

1 %

Homeowner Rate

Our annual


Annual SessionS

The Grand Lodge Communication and Grand Chapter Communications is a meeting to transact all regular business of this Grand Lodge and Grand Chapter.

mid winter conference

Winter Conference that highlights and establishes the vision, goals, and objectives for the year.

60 Day conference

60 Day Conference is a business meeting that measures the organizations business goals and objectives.


The 2020 Four Corners Annual Conference between Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Nevada/Utah.​

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